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Diploma in Food Production (1 Year)

IIMS offers young men and women with a desire for handsome pay package a 12-months special training in food production. With eight months of intensive practical training and four months as apprentice in a first class hotel, the training will equip you for a career as Chef in star hotels, flight catering units, mercantile ships, passenger ships, army, navy, and air force establishments. Diploma courses are accredited by NCVTE.

Duration : 1 Year
Eligibility : 10th PASS & ABOVE


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1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry
2 Introduction to Cookery Kitchen Glossary & Culinary Terms
3 Culinary History Intoduction to Indian Cuisine
4 Introduction to French Cuisine
5 Introduction to Chinese Cuisine & Nouvele Cuisine
6 Aims & Objectives of Cooking Effect of Cooking Weighing and Measuring
7 Characteristic of Raw Materials - Salt, Liquid & Sweetening Agents, Fats, Oilsand Leavening Agents
8 Raisening, Thickening andBinding Agents Flavouring and Seasoning Agents
9 Conducting Tests
10 Herbs and Spices List of Indian and Western Spices
11 Preparation of Ingredients Textures
12 Methods of Cooking Various Cooking Techniques
13 Basic French-Alphabets, Numbers & Vocabulary commonly used Termsin Hotel Industry stock various Stocks & its Preparations
14 Sauce Cookery Mother Sauces & its Preparation Derivatives
15 Apetizer & Salad Accompaniments & Garnishes Soup Classification & International Soups
16 Business Communication Basic Etiquettes and Manners Parts of Speech proper usage of Tenses
17 Fish Cookery Classification of fish selections various cuts & Cooking of Fish
18 Meat Cookery various Cuts and Joints of Pork, Beef and Lamb selection
19 Introduction of Steaks and Sausages Types of Steaks and Sausages Poultry and Game Birds Selection, Cuts& Cooking
20 Eggs selection, Nutritive value, preparation and storage
21 Conduction Test
22 Basic Hindi Letters, Numbers and vocabulary/ commonly used Hindi Terms in Hotel Industry
23 Milk & Milk products introduction to cheese characteristic and organ of commonly used cheeses
24 Nutrition & Hygiene definitions, functions of nutrients & Classicication of Food Groups and Nutrients, carbohydrates & Protein
25 Rechaufe reheating of Food & its effects Beverage
26 Conducting a Revision Test
27 Kitchen Organisation Heirarchy of Kitchen in Large and small hotels Duties and Responsibilities of all kitchen Personnels
28 Kitchens Lays outs function of various sections in kitchens kitchen Equipments (Large, Mechanical & Small Kitchen Utensils)
29 Business Communication Applying for a job conducting mock interviews to the students, letter writing
30 Nutrition & Hygiene fat, Minerals, Vitamins, Waters & Energy R.D.A
31 Menu Knowledge French Classical Menu compiling of Menu Planing
32 Conducting Discussions on Various Hotel menu cards
33 Safe Food Storage Techniques introduction of refrigeration, Deepchilling , Freezer & Dry Storage
34 Business Communication hint Developing Essay writing preparing a resume
35 Nutrition & Hygiene water importance oral rehydration digestion & Absorbtion
36 Quality Control management introduction to the prevailing food standard of India &International
37 Cost control management preparing a food cost portion control- standard portion control of power & equipments purchasing management list The essential supplies pirchasing techniques of various items analyzing a quotation
38 Conducting a revision exam
39 Basic first aid steps how to react on a emergency situation precaution steps
40 Fire fighting tyes of fire types of fire extinguishers ..how to use
41 Labur law responsibilities of an employee and employer rights of an employee as per the labur act
42 Complete Revision of the above chapters
43 Condicting a group discussion
44 Conducting a preliminary exam