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IIMS is a boon to the knowledge seeking youngsters, and it satisfies the educational needs of thousand of aspirants from various part of Kerala. Located at the heart of the Cochin city and Palakkad, it has been rendering great service in the field of education by making many generations enlightened. We look at providing education of the highest standards, character building and instilling moral and spiritual values in the students to enable them to attain fullness in life. We aim to mould professionals of top class quality endowed with excellent character. The academic vision of the institute is to pursue knowledge with an instiable thirst and to harness the energy of the youth for creative purposes. The institutionl goals are translated into academic programmers which promote the inherent talents of the students in different fields, and encourage them to involve in community service.

Educational institution are to impart both theoretical education and practical knowledge, so that they may become Centres of Excellence. With globalization becoming widespread, innovation is being identified as the basis of competitiveness. The optimum use of information and communication technology in curriculam helps higher educational institutions to impart new vistas of knowledge relevant to change the global scenario. IIMS focuses on training the students to learn how to relate knowledge to the practical environment, and how to trapple with the challenging problems of the present world.

The infrastructural facilities and the peaceful atmosphere available at IIMS. Hundreds of veterans in the management field both in India and abroad are the pride and pleasure of IIMS. We look for enthusiastic and hard working young men and women to be moulded as professionals of high calibre.

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